Please note that the projects listed are an abridged listing of notable projects ranging in values from 5 to 500K, The careers of each of the staff span over a quarter century and over those years it has been our pleasure to have treated hundreds of works for Churches, Museums, State, Local and National Governments, Universities as well as Corporate & Private collections. The purpose of this list is to demonstrate Qualifications, Experience, Capacity& Ability.

Bronze Conservation and Maintenance of Bronze Art at The PA State Capitol Contact: Joseph Sorrentino, Architect for the Capitol Preservation Committee, Main Capitol Building, Phone 215-218-4881.

Bronze Conservation and Maintenance of Statuary at PA State Capitol Contact: David Craig Capitol Preservation Committee, Main Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA Phone: 717-783-6484

Church of the Sacred Heart, Trenton, NJ (the oldest Catholic Church in NJ) Gilding and Installation of Crosses (4), Removal & crating of ceiling Murals to protect during construction

Restoration, Conservation, Repair and Mounting of Murals at Penn State Eberly Building, Funded by Mr. Eberly University, Fayette Campus, Uniontown, PA Penn State, Uniontown,Pennsylvania

Conservation and Maintenance of Civil War Monument at Wichita, KS
Contact: Paula Downs, Facilities Project Services, Sedgwick County, Wichita, Kansas
Phone: 316-383-8002
National Historic Landmark

Water Driven Sculpture and Fountain at Heinz Hall – Pittsburgh, PA
Artist: Angela Connor, “Quartet”
Contact: Carl Mancuso, Heinz Hall Manager, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-392-4843

Civil War Monument and Spanish American War Memorial – Easton, PA
Contact: Edward J. Boscola, Director of Public Works, Department of Public Works, Northampton County Government Bld., Easton, PA
Phone: 810-559-3198

West Park Deer Sculpture – City of Pittsburgh
Contact: Hilary Tyson, Dept. of City Planning, City of Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-255-2287
Rigging, lifting, transport, repaired, coated, waxed and treated Iron Sculpture, “West Park Deer”.

Hall of State Sculpture Tejas Warrior – City of Dallas, TX
Contact: Manuel Mauricio, Art Collections Manager, Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas Manuel Mauricio 214-500-7379, now retired Cleaning and treatment “Tejas Warrior” (gilt bronze sculpture) replacement of 24kt gold leaf.
Texas Hall of State, National Landmark





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Sculptures – TEXAS HALL OF STATE, Dallas, TX
Hall Of State Fair Park, Dallas

Contact: Manuel Mauricio, Art Collections Manager, Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas, Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-500-7379
Cleaning, waxing, and treatment of bronze sculptures,
“Texas Hall of Heroes,” in the Hall of State (Fair Park, Dallas.) James W. Fannin, William B. Travis, Thomas J. Rusk, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Sam Houston & Stephen F. Austin.
by sculptor Pompeo Luigi Coppini National Historic Landmark

Great Medallion of The Texas Republic, Texas Hall of State Great Room, – City of Dallas, TX
Contact: Manuel Mauricio, Art Collections Manager, Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas
Phone: 214-500-7379

Cleaning and treatment of the 25-foot diameter Great Medallion of TX gilt plaster bas relief by James Buchanan Winn Jr.
National Landmark

Texas Parks & Wildlife, Monument Hill of LaGrange, TX
Contact: Dennis Cordes, Project Architect
Phone: 512-389-4699
Restoration of Bronzes and Bas Relief of the 50ft Tower and the cleaning of the granite tomb Mural (colored cementous bas relief) Cleaning and consolidation of limestone and re-pointing
Artist: Pierre Bourdelle
Sculpture (bronze) Sculpter: Raoul Josset

National Register of Historical Places

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Sculpture – City of Dallas, TX
Contact: Manuel Mauricio, Art Collections Manager, Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas
Phone: 214-670-3687
Cleaning, repatination, removal and replacement of failing Incralac coating; wax.

City of Pittsburgh Sculptures – Pittsburgh, PA
City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning Contact: Hilary Tyson
Phone: 412-255-2287
Conservation treatment assessment and plan report for ten outdoor sculptures in the collection of the City of
Pittsburgh for the SOS National Heritage Program.

“A Song to Nature”
“Stephen Collins Foster”
“Pipe Dream IV”
“Joy of Life”
“Five Factors II”
“Steel Cityscape”
Artist: John Henry
Artist: Thaddeus Mosley
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Victor Brenner
Artist: Guiseppe Moretti
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Josepha Filkovsky
Artist: Virgil Cantini
Artist: Peter Calaboyias
Artist: Aaronel deRoy Gruber







Historic Indiana County Courthouse – Indiana, PA
Owner, NBOC Bank
Gilding of cupola of the NBOC Bank. (Old Indiana County Courthouse.)

National Register of Historic Places, Actor Jimmy Stewart’s Birth Place


Zelienople Historical Society – Zelienople, PA
Passavant House Museum Contact: Elizabeth Kelleher
Phone: 724-452-9457
Restoration of Oil on Canvas Portrait of Baron Dettmar Basse by Artist Anton Graf, 1790 Removal of mutable layers of over painting and opaque brown varnish, relining and new stretcher & hanging system and regilding of the frame.











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City of Dallas, Texas
Contact: Manuel Mauricio 214-500-7379
Former , Art Collections Manager, Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas
Conservation maintenance treatments of 17 sculptures and assessment of 50 others in the collections for the City of

“Descending Spheres”
“The Gossip (The Gossiping Lady)”
“Malthusian Conception”
“Chico y Chica de la Playa”
“Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Soldier”
“Bust of Prospero Bernardi “
“The Texas Ranger of 1960”
“George Bannerman Dealey Memorial”
National Historic Landmark, Dealey Plaza, Site of the JFK Assignation
“Mule Deer”
“The Large Pulcinella”
“The Torch Bearers”
“Square Forms with Circle”
“Lot’s Wife”
“General Ignacio Zaragosa”
“the Dallas Piece”

Artist: John Brough Miller
Artist: Bjorn Wiinblad
Artist: John Brough Miller
Artist: Victor Salmones
Artist: Alexander Phimster Proctor
Artist: Pompeo Coppini
Artist: Waldine Amanda Tauch
Artist: Felix W. deWeldon

Artist: Tom Tischler
Artist: A.Durenne
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Sorel Etrog
Artist: Charles Julius Umlauf
Artist: Barbara Hepworth
Artist: Mark Macken
Artist: Mark Macken
Artist: Miguel Romo
Artist: Henry Moore

Floral Heights United Methodist Church – Wichita Falls, TX
Contact Dennis Wilkinson
Phone: 940-723-7151
Cleaning, preservation and Gilding of copper dome atop Floral Heights Church

American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
Contact: Laura Morse
Phone: 212-496-3587
Examination of artifacts from Papua, New Guinea for preservation treatment Packing and Transportation to American Museum of Natural History

Cathedral of the Assumption Arch Dioceses of Louisville, KY
Contact: Fred Merrick, Sr., Merrick Construction Company Phone: 502-449-1234
Supervising Conservator: Robert Marshall Steeple cross coatings and gilding

National City Bank - Titusville, PA
Conservation treatments of 15’ diameter ceiling portrait/ mural, Oil on Canvas by Alfred Valiant, circa 1920 of Col. Edwin Drake.
Contact: was National City Bank, no longer in business

Historic 1898 Buffalo Savings & Loan, “Gold Dome Bank” – Buffalo, NY
Supervising Conservator/Contractor Robert Marshall
Project Manager Steven Marshall
Restoration, conservation and gold leaf of 9,980 square foot dome of gilt terra cotta tile and gold leaf on copper, the rigging and removal of the large repousse copper finial, replacement of finial armature, its reinstallation and gilding.
City of Buffalo Historic Site
1901 Pan American Exhibition Site

Fair Park Tower – Dallas, TX
Contact: Richard Martratt, ArchiTexas Phone: 214-748-4561
Conservator, Art restoration contractor, sculptor Robert Marshall
Restoration and conservation treatments of the Tower Building including the rigging and lifting of the 33,000-pound art deco eagle atop the tower, its exacting duplication in Glass Reinforced Concrete with stainless steel armature, conservation and restoration treatments of the 2,000- square-foot bas-relief mural and the restoration of the two Great Seals of the United States on the front of the Tower Building. Gilding of the eagle sculpture and tower flutes.

Preservation Dallas 2000 Award Winner, Preservation Texas 2002 Award winner & National Trust for Historic Preservation Award for Restoration 2003



Grid mapping and sounding of the 2000 square foot Bas Relief Mural of the Tower
Building at Fair Park to document areas which have come loose from the substraight.

US Naval Academy Chapel Dome – Annapolis, MD
Contact: James W. Rhodes, Assoc. Partner,
Beyer Blinder and Belle 41 E. 11th Street, New York 10003
Gilding of chapel lantern dome and relief cross above doors of chapel. Removal of existing coatings, lead abatement, surface repair and preparation repair and restoration of dome and spire of the lantern, application of coatings and gilding.

National Register of Historic Places

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Western PA Conservancy (Fallingwater) Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Sharon Severino or
Cynthia Carrow Phone: 412-361-5885, 412-288-2777
Conservator: Robert Marshall
Conservation of 19th Century collection of Artist George Hetzel, Conservation plan and treatment of art collection 1) Oil on Canvas “Rocky Gorge” & “View on Slippery Rock”

Conservation Assessment of the ‘Four Seasons’ from the Collection of Louis XIV
Contact: Jack Zeigler
SmithKline Beecham, Philadelphia PA
Ph 215-751-4316
Oversight of conservation assessment of four early 17th century Baroque period sculpture “Four Seasons” in terra-cotta. The terra-cotta forms were the original forms for a bronze fountain at the Chateau Versailles.

St. Meinrad Arch Abbey circa 1870 St. Meinrad, IN
Contact: Woolen, Molzan and Partners, Todd Rinehart-Architect
Phone: 317-632-7484
Supervising Conservator/Contractor: Robert Marshall
Conservation Technician: Byron Jackson
Metal craftsman: Joseph Rausch
Creation and installation of 16’ X 9’ X 9’ laminated cypress posts; copper restoration and conservation, painting and gilding of two large spheres, three large crosses, and two finials.
Treatments included the rigging and installation of artifacts. Indiana Register of Historic Sacred Places.

US Senator Shaw House – Butler, PA
Butler County Historical Society
Contact: Rebeckah Sheeler Phone: 724-283-8116
Supervising Conservator: Robert Marshall
Historic plaster restoration, consolidation and lead abatement of late paint coating.
Conservation and restoration of Block printed & hand-painted wallpaper. Painting and gilding of a circa 1827 mansion.

National Register of Historic Places

Port Authority Transit of Allegheny County – Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Jerry Marinzel,
Phone: 412- 566-5159
Supervising Conservator: Robert Marshall Consulting Architectural
Conservator: Tracey Walther Conservation of ceramic and polychrome mural, 10’ X 40’ mural- Artist Romare Bearden- Gateway Center Subway Station, Pittsburgh, PA

St. Basil Chapel at the University of St. Thomas - Dome Enhancement Houston, TX
Contact: Kimo Rodriguez, Linbeck Construction
Phone: 713-621-2350
Philip Johnson designed Chapel. Consultation and discovery of flaws caused by changes and modifications to original design.

Murals at Our Sisters of Saint Francis, Our Lady of Angels Chapel, Saint John Newman College, Aston PA
Removal of improper coatings, cleaning and consolidation & in-painting. Application of new conservation varnish
Contact: Our Sisters of Saint
Francis, Aston, PA

Murals by Fosse, The Passion of Christ & Ascension to Glory, Cupola of Invalids, Paris,
France circa1760 Murals depicting the passion of Christ and his ascension to heaven, above the tomb of Napoleon.

Consolidation & stabilization of substraight plaster and lath
Consolidation and re-adhering of loose and tenting paint
Removal of excess adhesive and disfiguring surface contaminates.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court treatment of oil on canvas paintings portraits and murals

Contact, Gertrude Mellon (since deceased)
The Mellon Art collection, (Andrew W. Mellon’s family)
Treatment of paintings in the collections in the private collections in Florida, Pennsylvania.

The Pew collection at the Pew Museum, Grove City College, Grove City, PA
Treatment of two works by Gainsbough and several other masters, Oil on canvas landscapes of the Pew’s collection of 18th and 19th century art. Pew Charitable Trust

Frick Museum of Art care of various exhibitions

Beatrice and Wilhelm Ostern (since deceased) collection of modern art including works by Salvador Dali, Picasso, and Paul Klee. conservators Robert Marshall & William Reel of the Carnegie Museum of Art

Care of the collection of Stanley Marcus including sculpture by Remington and paintings by Georgia O’Keefe. Stanley Marcus, (now deceased)
contact Linda Marcus or Manuel Mauricio 214-500-7379

Cameron School District, Cleaning and re-patinization of two Pompeo Luigi Coppini Busts of the school founders Mr. and Mrs. Yoe.

Contact Rene Rodriguez 254-721-2838.

Restoration of failing limestone façade and cornice of the First National Bank in Cameron, TX
Contact Ricky Williams 254-697-6461


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Saint Francis on the Brazos
Conservation including relining of the 1870’s painting of our Lady of Guadalupe and gilding of the altars in 23.75 kt gold leaf and faux marble.
Restoration treatments of the 3000 square foot of oil on canvas murals of the Passion of Christ by Pedro Barceló of Mallorca, Spain at Saint Francis on the Brazos, Waco, Texas.
Contact Father Sergio 254-752-8434


Southern Methodist University – Dallas, TX
Restoration and gilding of cupolas of the circa 1940 Kirby Hall, Bridwell Library and the Steeple of the Perkins
Chapel in the Perkins Theological Quadrangle, Humphrey Lee cupola, Fondren Science Center cupola, Fincher
Hall, Cox School of Business, cupola



St Cyril & Methodius Historic Czech “Painted Church of Texas” Dubina, TX
Restoration and re-application of white gold stars and yellow gold gilding, decorative art, woodwork and sculpture
Contact, Judge Ed Janecka 979- 968-6469

Restoration & Conservation of circa 1919 Mahogany Wood revolving Doors and Mechanisms at the PA State Capitol
Contact: Joseph Sorrentino, Architect for the Capitol Preservation Committee, Main Capitol Building,
Phone 215-218-4881

Restoration of the wood work, coatings

Historic safe artwork
historic wall coverings & lincrusta
Historic 1892 Fayette County Courthouse LaGrange, Texas
County Judge Ed Janecka 979-968-6469

Benjamin Rush Milam Memorial Bronze Conservation
Cleaning, ferric nitrate re-patination & hot wax coating of the 1936 Sculpture by Bryant Baker
Contact; Judge Frank Summers, Milam County Judge Cameron, TX
254-697-8843 & 254-697-7000

Benjamin Rush Milam Memorial Bronze Conservation
Cleaning, ferric nitrate re-patination & hot wax coating of the 1936 Sculpture by Bryant Baker
Contact; Judge Frank Summers, Milam County Judge Cameron, TX
254-697-8843 & 254-697-7000

Conservation of Portrait of Sarah Livingston Alexander (Lady Stirling)
Born in New York and Baptized Nov. 7, 1725
Died Albany, New York March 1805

Wife of Major General William Alexander ( Lord Stirling )
A General in the British Army during the French Indian War
A General under George Washington, William Alexander gave up his title
to join Washington and the Army of the American Colonies
Mother of Mary Alexander who married Robert Watts (1743-1814)
Oil on Poplar wood damaged by fire, restored/conserved in 2000.
Portrait Circa 1760 . Two other Portraits of Sarah Alexander in the
collection of the Museum of the City of New York, 50.215.2.
Owner Thomas Buell Jr. of Pittsburgh, a direct descendant.









 Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse – Santa Ana, CA
Contact: George Loynd, Ray Wilson Company
Phone: 310-665-9990
Decorative Gilding and Art Work of the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, Santa Ana, Orange County, CA

Technical Review Consultant for Heritage Preservation for their project with the National Cemetery Administration on a number of monument restoration projects at US National Cemeteries across the USA.

Conservator & Consultant for the Hall Of State, Fair Park, City of Dallas. Mechanical retrofit and restoration project. Responsible for the art and collections protection plan, historic paint analysis. Protection plan for the Murals of the Great Hall, East & West Texas rooms by artists Eugene Savage, James Buchanan Winn Jr., Tom Lea and others as well as the bronze sculptures of the Hall Of Heroes by Pompeo Luigi Coppini.
contact Sam Huff, Project Manager, Phillips May Company 214- 631-3331


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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church Schulenburg, TX
One of the “Painted Churches of Texas”
Conservation of the artwork of the ceiling, Oil on Canvas mounted on wood, & Murals on Plaster. Restoration of faux painting and stencils on walls, sculptures, wood altars and shrines and all interior gilding. Stabilization of plaster walls and recovery and documentation of historic decorative wall art.
Contact Francis Ripper, 713-416-0281

St. Mary Continued..
Over-paint removal and inpainting
National Register of Historic places


City of San Francisco, Civic Center Dome Restoration.

West Virginia State Capitol determination of past treatment failure and recommendation of future treatments.

New York Life Building, NY gold tile roof determination of past treatment failure and recommendation of future treatments.

Magnolia “Pegasus” Project, City of Dallas, feasibility of large porcelain finished metal sculpture restoration project
National Women’s Museum, Smithsonian Institute, Fair Park, Dallas, TX Alexander the III Bridge, Paris
“Enterprise” 1936 Hall of State, Fair Park, Dallas

Carlos Cruz Diez Double Physichromie


Clement Meadmore Split Level


Jim Love Blue Trees


Jim Sanborn A,A


John Scott, Prayer Meeting


Lawrence Argent Your Move


Texas Heroes Monument, Louis Amateis, Galveston, TX


Tony Smith The Snake is Out